One of the best student accommodation in Hatfield. They offer a piece of mind living conditions as well as an environment that encourages studying. It also always for social interaction of the students through their social events and recreational activities.

Regopotse Monama

Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the monthly rent?

Single studios:  – R 6,500 per student
Double-bunk Sharing Studios: R 4,450 per student

How long is the lease agreement (how many months)?

The Lease Agreement is for 11 Months (starting 1 Feb 2021 and ending 31 Dec 2021)

What is the community fee of R 350.00 for and is it compulsory?

The Student Community fee is an all-access fee to attend and be part of all the Student Life & Community activities. You will also receive a welcome pack (incl House T-Shirt) – it is compulsory.

What is included in the rental amount
  • Unlimited Wi-Fi @ 5 MB/s speed
  • Includes water
  • Includes R100 p/m electricity – Single Studio | R75 p/m Sharing Studio
  • 4x Laundry Tokens p/m
If the university opens in March 2021 and I wish to return in March, will I still be required to start the lease agreement from Feb 2021?

Yes, the lease is based on 11 months – if you wish to only stay for 10 months you are welcome however the annual rent will be the same. You may decide to only start in March but will be put on the waiting list and will be placed only if we still have rooms available, which will not be the case as we are already filling up very fast.

Can you leave belongings when you go home at the end of the year and will there be a storage fee charged?

If you decide to leave items in your room it must be locked in the cupboard and may not include any food. We deep clean, fumigate, and repair rooms during January and cannot be held liable for items left in the room. If you do leave items in the room the storage fee will be R1000.00 for January 2021.

Can I pay the deposit on a monthly basis as I am not able to pay in full now?

Yes you are more than welcome to arrange the terms with the Student Accounts Department. Admin fee however is payable before a room can be allocated to you.

Is there parking available and how does it work?

Yes, you are welcome to apply by sending an email to – there is limited space so please book quickly. The cost is R350 per parking bay per month.

Can I terminate/cancel the lease agreement during the year?

Yes, you may cancel the lease at any time. There is however an early cancellation penalty as per the lease agreement – in accordance with the Rental Housing Act and CPA Act.

NSFAS only pay for 10 months who is liable for the outstand balance/since the lease contract is 11 months?

You will need to pay a top-up each month to cover the last month rent.

I am funded by NSFAS - do I still pay a deposit?

Yes, you need to pay a deposit – the special till 30 November is only R500 – thereafter the full deposit is payable – however, you can also pay that over the term of the lease.

What does the room have inside?

The room is furnished with a bed, cupboard, desk, fridge, chair, and dustbin. The room includes kitchenettes, microwaves, and a Snappy Chef induction plate. Sharing rooms share bathrooms & Single rooms have their own bathroom. Bathrooms include a toilet, shower with curtain, and basin – please refer to the website for the full list.

What do I bring when I move in such as bedding and cutlery?

Bring your bedding, cutlery, bathroom essentials, stationery, and books, also bring your musical instrument and sports gear. Remember the lock for the door and if you want to prepare some food. Otherwise, you are welcome to buy from the canteen.

We want to move in during January 2021 is it possible and what date?

Yes it is possible please speak to the Student Accounts department to arrange and set the dates.

Is there a kettle in the room?

No, you can bring your own kettle or expresso machine.